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Working Professional

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Academic Members

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Institutional Center

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Corporate Member

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Council Member

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CASI Membership 

1. Technical Membership 

Technical Membership recognises both the qualifications and experience needed by professionals working in a range of operational health and safety roles. To maintain your status as a Technical Member and keep your skills, knowledge and experience up to date, you’ll join our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme and will be required to maintain your CPD record.

2. Academic Membership

If you're employed by a college or university, and involved in instructing and advising on the Paramedical and Allied Science Technology for your institution's curriculum, i.e. professors, deans, teaching assistants, apply for our professional academic membership…

By sharing best practices through Study Center / chapter meetings, conferences, and seminars, CASI provides unique opportunities for you to hear from the industry's best managers. Our publications and resources keep academic professionals like you up to date on important issues.

The Benefits of an Academic Membership
Academic Members receive the following benefits:

  • Be the first to know :-  when opportunities are available to your students. Receive scholarship application information and much more.
  • Access CASI’s Study Packs :-  Download compilations of articles focused on critical issues In Medical field . 
  • Receive a subscription to The CASI Journal and stay up to date on important topics in Paramedical & Allied Science .  
  • Participate in the CASI Xchange:-  an exclusive online community where CASI members can engage in real-time discussions and share information with other members.
  • Surveys and Studies – CASI undertakes several timely and thought leading studies and surveys.  
  • Regulatory Update – Periodic e-newsletter offering the latest regulatory updates.  
  • Regulatory Bulletin – Updated with timely information issued by concern Department .


3.Council Patrons Membership 

The governing council may, by a resolution of 2/3rd members present, invite any very eminent or distinguished person to join CASI as a patron and on acceptance of the invitation, such person shall become a patron. The governing council may nominate one of the patrons to be the chief patron. The governing council may invite patrons to attend important meetings, seminars, conferences and other functions of CASI.

4. Professional Membership 

Professional Membership enhances the knowledge, skill and competency of Paramedical & Allied Science  professionals and also elevates their career by making them a member of an elite group of Allied Science. The rise in demand of competent  Para-Medical field in the country . necessitates the importance of Professional  in Medical Field . for any Para-Medical / Allied science  works of the government departments

5. Corporate Membership 

Any consultant other than an individual who is interested in promoting the objects of CASI , and who tenders the prescribed amount of admission fee, shall be admitted by the governing council as a corporate member. Every corporate member shall be a life member of CASI. 


All above membership have played great role in development of Council of Allied Science of India ( CASI ) . All members of CASI share their experience and knowledge for development of CASI . By the experience of Members Students study upto date syllabus and get easly job in the field of Paramedical and Allied Science . 

For Membership application open time to time 

for more informatio you can Contact CASI Toll Free No . 1800-102-2398